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When to Use a Temp Agency

As a human resources expert or a business owner, you may wonder when you should use a temp agency. Here are four examples of instances when using a temp agency could be useful.

  • You Have an Employee Out on Leave - Perhaps you have an employee out on maternity leave or someone who is dealing with a medical situation. A temp agency can help you fill the gaps in your schedule.

  • Holidays - Your employees need time off for holidays and vacation. Using a temp agency can help you keep the company working smoothly.

  • Busy Times - Whether you’re launching a new product or another issue has your workload busier than usual, a temp agency is a good way to make sure you have staffing to cover the flow.

  • Temp to Hire - Using a temp agency to find qualified long-term employees is another possibility. You can try out the employee before you commit.

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